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Digital Books vs Audio Books vs Print Books

Oct. 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered why your kids prefer one book over another? Why do they spend hours thumbing through the pages of an interactive book and never even touch a print book? Let’s compare digital books with 3 other types of media for kids to see what makes them so versatile. 

Let’s start with print books. There’s very little you can do with a print book. You can’t browse, search, take notes, play games, watch videos and do simple things that are common to an interactive book. You can’t also carry multiple print books because they’re heavy but you can carry dozens of interactive books on a digital device. 


When it comes to audio books, they caused a true buzz when they first appeared. Just like digital books, they include original sound effects and music but they also lack one important thing - interactive elements. Kids can listen to the story but they can’t see the characters, touch them or play with them. Whereas digital books allow them to interact with the animated objects, explore animals, plants, geography and so on. 

As for cartoons, they’re undoubtedly among kids favorites. Colorful animations and characters brought to life on a TV screen make it a joyful experience for kids. But again they can only watch without interfering while interactive books let them choose to do what they want: read, listen or play with the characters. 

As you can see, interactive books are an ultimate solution when it comes to kids’ entertainment and reading. So have fun going interactive! 

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