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How to Keep up Little Learners in Summer?

May 31, 2016

          Summer activities for kids

Summer is just behind the door.  While kids are looking forward to this amazing, full of excitement period, more and more parents get puzzled by the question to stop studying and have a break or to continue the educational process. 

However, today most educators agree that it is really efficient to proceed with the studies as it helps to avoid kids’ summer downslide.  Not to waste time at the beginning of fall it seems to be more reasonable to keep up. There’s no need to worry about your kids being too tired and waiting for a break from studies. At this stage it is ok to have everything done in a more laid-back way.

Here are some ideas how to keep kids’ brain working and not to overload them with studying:

1. Use different ideas to reinforce kids’ skills


Summer is a nice chance to try some new activities as well methods you haven’t tried yet, if you homeschool, or introduce your kids to the activities different from the ones they do at pre-K, preschool, or kindergarten. Little learners are likely to enjoy short educational videos based on Singapore Maths method. It will be really exciting for them to work with catchy pictures from Numbers or The ABC sets.

2. Allow enough time for reading

In summer make sure to spend enough time on reading. It is of really great importance to have enough time for both reading to kids aloud and letting them try reading themselves. Choose some quiet time during the day, i.e. before going to bed or after a nap, when you and your little ones can peacefully enjoy reading. 

Schedule the time for visiting a public library at least once a week, where kids can dwell into the magic world of books and literature. A librarian can always advise you on books for different ages. This way you develop the feeling of love for books, which will greatly help kids in further successful development. You can also download some worksheets from the Internet on reading or rhyming activities.

3. Make use of different activities organized in your communities

It is a nice idea to search for all the necessary information about all the events offered by different organizations in your community for the summer vacations time. You can consider local zoos, museums, educational centers. There are plenty of exciting and educational activities. You just need to be more imaginative and creative.

4. Introduce themes related to the calendar

Offering some themes to your kids may arise interest in the little learners and lead to broadening their mind. When The Independence Day is approaching offer some activities or cards with colorful pictures of the flag and starts, which can easily find on the Internet.  The Olympic Games is another nice option for theme related tasks this summer.

5. Let your kids choose a theme they want to study

In summer there’s room for some topics that are of particular interest to your kids. Let them suggest what area they would like to know more about and spend a week or two on origami, crosswords or dinosaurs. These activities will let little learners feel the sense of freedom and keep them fascinated by the topic.

6. Incorporate education into your everyday life and activities

Let your kids name products beginning with the same letters while you are cooking, or ask them to think of vegetables of the same color while you’re at the grocer’s, count the stars in the sky and so on. There are some many things that your little ones already know and need just to keep up.

These days there’s no doubt that carrying on education in summer is much more efficient that taking a total break from schooling. So, do not waste your chance, go for it and enjoy this period together with your kids!


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