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How to Establish Successful Reading Routine

Aug. 9, 2015

As parents we understand that reading is an essential skill for our kids but, as practice shows, not all children love reading. Here are some suggestions for involving kids into reading. 

  • Use a variety of sources: everything from print book to book apps

Kids tend to be attracted to new things, so use big and pocket-size books, magazines for kids, and books apps. My bet is that kids would be attracted to book apps because they love technology, but it might also be useful to introduce them to common hard cover books with illustrations. Maybe, your child is one of those who like flipping paper pages. 

  • Choose the content your kid likes

No one knows it better than you what appeals to your kids. Pay attention to what content, characters, and design they love and give it to them. They are more likely to start reading something they like instead of something they don’t. Better yet, let your child make their own choice and pick a book for themselves.

  • Look for age-appropriate text

The content of the book and the text you choose for your child to read should be age-appropriate. It might be a good idea to read the story before buying it for your kid. While little kids like fairy tales, older kids will also enjoy books about nature.  Also, try to predict whether your child will cope with the text or not from the point of view of the text difficulty. There’s also another trap: if texts are too easy, kids can get bored. 

  • Use imagination to set a scene (props, attributes), ask questions, act out different characters

Be imaginative when it comes to the process of reading. You can set a proper scene or prepare props for this or that story. You can also ask a child what he thinks all this preparation is for. When you introduce a new book to your kids, you might want to ask them what they think the book is going to be about, what characters they are going to meet. Do this when showing them a book cover. This type of questions awakens their sense of curiosity and stirs imagination.

  • Spend time with your child while he/she makes effort to read

If you’ve just started teaching your kids reading and/or they are reluctant readers, try to make reading an activity when you spend time together. Reading is a challenging process, and your kids might simply need your presence and assistance before they grow into confident readers. 

  • Make reading a ritual and act as a role model

Make reading a regular and consistent activity. You might want to read to/with your kid as part of a bedtime ritual or as a first thing in the morning at the weekend. You, as a parent, act as a role model for your kids, so read yourself and tell your kids what book you like reading. 

We hope that these tips will help you engage your children in reading and who knows, it might become of one their preferable leisure activities.

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