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How to ‘Learn and Play’ with Each ABC Flash Card

Aug. 24, 2014

This blog post is written mostly for those parents and educators who want to get the most out of each and every Cartoon ABC flash card. ;)

As you remember, when you start the app you can see all flash cards scattered all over the screen in no particular order.This makes you and your kids free to choose which flash card to open and which letter to learn first.

When you tap a picture, the flash card opens displaying an upper case and lower case letter and its name. To make your kid’s learning even more enjoyable, we created the main character starting (or ending as in the case of Xx) with the letter you want to learn.

Did we say one character? There are at least two others making sure your kids have plenty of opportunities to memorize the corresponding letter. It’s just that only one character appears as soon as you start playing with a flashcard, while two others are flashing in the background. Finding them all brings even more fun to your kid’s learning experience.

Every time you tap a letter, you can hear its name in the alphabet. Every time you tap a character you can hear a sound that letter makes in a word. We did it deliberately to let your child learn the difference between the name of the letter and the sound it produces. Your kids can also memorize the names of the characters which appear on the screen whenever you tap a flash card of your choice.


When you’re done with one letter, you can move on to another or get back to the previous one. You can also learn letters in no particular order, you just need to return to the home page and choose the flash card you want.

We hope that this detailed description will make your kids’ learning experience even more efficient and stress free. Now that you know how to do it, it’s high time you start playing with our alphabet.

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