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How to Use the Listen & Play Mode in Reading with Kids

Jan. 25, 2015

Listen & Play mode is created especially to foster children's creativity. They listen to the story and animate the characters themselves. There's no particular order to bring the characters to life, kids can experiment and do this according to their own liking. 

In order to provide children with a sensational experience we tried to use most of the possibilities an iPhone and an iPad can offer. Characters get animated in three different ways: with a tap of a finger, by using a microphone, or by tilting an iPad or an iPhone.  


Tap Snuff-Snuff to make her swing on a tyre, or houses to see them being built. If you want to see how the Big Bad Wolf huffs and puffs, blow into the microphone yourself. You can animate all characters if you also tilt your phone or tablet in any direction. 

If you are one of those parents who teach their kids reading, Listen & Play mode is the next step in the process after using the Autoplay mode. You can start by asking your kids to show you the cartoon about the three little pigs while the text is read automatically. If you see kids got a little bored with this activity, add more challenge. One idea is to ask them to tell you the story and to animate the characters at the same time. Another one is to pause the text and let them read the words they might already recognize in the text. You could start with such words as pigs, piggies, wolf, big, bad, house, houses, huffed, and puffed. Then, as your child gradually builds confidence, include more words into his 'reading vocabulary'.

Finally, when you child succeeds with this activity, it's high time you moved to the next step in reading - Read Myself mode!

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