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Montessori ABC for Kids HD Available on the App Store

Sept. 20, 2015

Dear friends!

We are happy to share the news that our new app Montessori ABC for Kids HD is now available on the App Store. 

montessori ABC for kids

Montessori ABC for Kids HD consists of two parts. The first one introduces little users to the world of letters in a fun way allowing them to proceed at their own pace and liking. Children are free to choose which letter to learn or trace first since we believe youngsters are not very fond of systematizing things. This way the weapon of choice is in their little hands and there is no enforced A-B-C-D progression.

In this application kids also start writing letters, which doesn’t happen overnight. They first learn to trace separate elements, among which are straight lines, curved lines, and half circles. Our app shows them exactly which order they should trace all these elements. Once kids are through with tracing a letter, they need to write it. And this is where real challenge begins. 


In order to stimulate little ones to trace and write, we award them with stars. The maximum they can get for a traced and a written letter is 3 stars. All the stars are accumulated into one big star kids can find on the screen with the letter choice. 

We hope you'll enjoy the app and we are looking forward to your feedback!

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