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Playful Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

April 3, 2017

Springtime is that revitalizing time of the year when the flowers start to grow again, and the air is filled with the magical warmth of new life! After a long winter, kids love to celebrate spring and the holiday of the season: Easter. If you’re looking for unique crafts for your little learner to enjoy this Easter season that don’t break the bank, keep reading to find imaginative craft ideas using supplies you might already have around the house!

Dipped Flower Painting

Art supplies, notebook.

Here’s a great way to get your child out of the house to pick the tools used for this first project! 


  • Fresh flowers of your choice
  • Acrylic or finger paints
  • Construction paper 

Pick a nice sunny day to go flower-picking with your little one. Any flowers will do, and if your family lives in a colder climate, take your child to the nearest grocery store to pick out an inexpensive bunch of flowers. Let your child lead the charge and pick out the perfect flowers for the project. After the flowers are picked, head back inside to start their masterpiece. 



    • Step 1. On a thick paper plate, pour some paint in thick globs on the plate to make a color palette. Encourage your child to mix colors to make spring colors, like pink or a soft orange.
    • Step 2. Carefully dip each flower into the paint and then press onto their paper to make an imprint of the flower.
    • Step 3. Decorate the painting the way you want. Ta da! Hang up the painting in the house to decorate for spring! 

Easter Egg Sponge Paint 

Craft supplies.

This craft will get your child excited for Easter, while your little one flexes his or her creativity! 


  • Easter egg printable coloring page
  • Finger or watercolor paints
  • Cotton balls


For this easy and fun craft, print an Easter egg coloring page from the internet. Let your little one pick the design they would love to decorate! Like the above project, have your child choose his or her favorite color paints. 

    • Step 1. Dab the cotton ball on the page, coloring the Easter egg.
    • Step 2. Use clean cotton balls for each new color used. If using watercolors, be sure to mix water into the colors on the paint palette to get them ready for dipping. 
    • Step 3. When dry, use the painting to decorate the room, or as a colorful Easter card for someone special! 

Easter Egg Pots

Easter decorations.

This versatile pot made from plastic Easter eggs can be used in many ways! Make sure you have these supplies: 


  • Plastic Easter eggs - look for the eggs that detach
  • Hot glue 
  • Something to put inside


While this craft will come together in no time, the fun part is deciding what to put in your child’s new pots! Before getting started, have your child choose what they’ll use the pot for. They can use it to plant a flower, they can fill the inside with candies, or Easter grass to make a colorful decoration perfect for the Easter morning. Your child can even use it to leave out baby carrots for the Easter bunny the night before Easter! 

    • Step 1. Detach the eggs and heat up your glue gun. Remember, your preschooler should watch a parent complete this step.
    • Step 2. When ready, glue the tips of the eggs together, creating two cups facing outwards. Be sure to always place the wider/shorter end down to use as a stand for the pot. In the top, have your child fill the pot with their desired item.
    • Step 3. Plant a flower, or decorate for Easter. And just like that, your child will have a colorful pot to use as they wish!  

There’s no shortage of Easter crafts available online, but sometimes the crafts involve trips to the craft store, or items that might cost a lot of money. By using items that you probably already have around the house, you and your child can create joyful crafts and wonderful memories for Easter now, and for years to come!

Don’t forget: when you and your child are done with crafts, Kids Academy has hours of fun waiting for them! Look for preschool first grade printable worksheets, like creative mazes for kids PDF sheets available on our website and through our apps!


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