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Survey of the Second Grammar Learning Bundle

Feb. 4, 2022

As a recall, children have learned to recognize nouns, distinguish singular from plural nouns, form irregular plural nouns, use collective nouns and reflexive pronouns, and identify nouns in the story. They have proven that they can grasp lessons meaningfully by guiding them with the help of articles, and enriching their learning with early grades worksheets. For our present learning targets, Kids Academy has woven the second grammar learning bundle according to what your children need, with reference to what they have already mastered. It consists of four articles, namely:

  • Point of View and Regular Verbs;
  • Irregular Verbs;
  • Adjectives and Synonyms; and
  • Adverbs of Manner and Place.

In addition, Kids Academy consistently seeks ways of improving kids’ learning while not bombarding them with compressed lessons. The articles are carefully threaded to allow children to proceed with the right pace and with an energized mindset. Before proceeding with the bundle, here are the introductions to the concepts which will strongly impact the learning of kids, and will certainly establish relevance, leading to constant application of learning:

First, the different points of view let your kids explore the perspectives used in narrating stories. It is necessary for them to recognize when to use a specific type of point of view—first person, second person, or third person. With this skill, they will be able to determine where the narrator stands as regards to the events of the story. The intensities of emotions invested differ. The person that actually experiences the events is the one that is most likely to have the precise details of the story, and therefore, would have the strongest emotions ideally. If this is the case, the point of view is first person. On the other hand, the one that narrates the story can address the target listeners or readers. When this is the scenario, the point of view is second person. The third person can be used if the one that hears or knows about the story and shares it is not part of the story, but can either provide a limited or omniscient perspective of the happenings. This selection of worksheets will help you to practice these skills in your young minds.

pov 1

Second, it is also essential to familiarize the kids of what verbs are, and what the nature of regular verbs is. By letting them be familiar with verbs, they can articulate thoughts completely and confidently.


Third, we have to let the children see that past forms of verbs are not only created by adding d or ed. Some verbs are not regular as they have a tricky nature. Due to this, we also need to train the kids to be well-versed in forming and using irregular verbs. The part tense worksheets are also here for your help! Afterwards, they will also recognize whether what they see or hear is a regular or an irregular verb. This leads to the right usage and lessens the possible confusion.

verbs 1 Fourth, since the kids can only make descriptive statements through utilizing adjectives, exposure to these is worthwhile. These adjectives add color to their sentences, and help them express what they think or feel. Moreover, synonyms of adjectives supplement appeal and creativity. When they have proficiency in using adjectives and synonyms, they can express the same thoughts differently, and they can be more imaginative, innovative, and inventive. As we know, redundancies partly ruin contents, so if they are equipped with knowledge on synonyms, they can avoid these repetitions.

synonyms 1

Fifth, we should also allow the children to use adverbs in order to supply complete information during conversations, whether they have to write letters, or sustain dialogues. By means of having them be acquainted with adverbs of manner and place, they will be able to exactly tell what they have to say to inform the addressees.

To wrap it up, the concepts introduced are all parts of the second grammar learning bundle. With the appropriate complexity, ensured comprehensibility, and systematic flexibility of this bundle, this is certainly a bridge to facilitate the learning process of your kids. It helps them in recognizing points of view, differentiating regular and irregular verbs, enlivening statements through adjectives and synonyms, and depicting precise information needed through adverbs of manner and place. This bundle is educational and motivational at the same time; it makes the kids crave for more enchanting learning experiences. Let us commence with this new journey of teaching-learning!

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