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Top 5 Impacts Storytelling Has on Kids

Nov. 22, 2015

We all love stories, and children particularly. You might have noticed that kids, which love talking, listening to stories without interrupting because they are fun, engaging, and exciting. Besides the fun factor, storytelling has a number of other benefits for kids, no matter whether you read a story or tell it by memory. 

  • First of all, storytelling creates a special bond between parents and children. This is a way to spend time together, discuss a chosen book, and do something creative afterwards. 
  • From stories kids learn about people, culture, and the world. While a person is physically bound to be in a certain place, books can transfer a child into another epoch, into a different country, and into unknown culture. 
  • Storytelling develops fantasy and imagination. Words and concepts do not have a certain visual image or shape, whereas television imposes images and hinders children’s imagination.
  • Storytelling enriches kids’ vocabulary. The language we use to speak to our kids on a daily basis is quite limited, telling or reading stories makes us expand it.
  • Storytelling also develops kids’ attention span, improves their listening skills and makes listening to others a good practice. 

If you think your kid will benefit from the points above, make storytelling part of your life!

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