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We’re Celebrating 500 000!

Oct. 15, 2021

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Hello everyone!

This week we are happy to share good news with you! Here at Kids Academy, we’ve reached a subscriber milestone on our young yet progressive Kids Academy channel! Recently we have hit 500 000 subscribers! We are happy that you follow us and we are grateful for your support in our mission to make education for children accessible to everyone from any point on the globe and to make it engaging, flexible and gauged to each child's individual needs!

 In appreciation of your support, we have a gift for you! Get your kid the chance to enjoy, learn, and grow with the Talented and Gifted app with a discount! Your personal learning program is available now for just $5 for the 1st month and $20 / month after!

1month 5 then 20 final


(Save $15! Instead of paying $19.99 for the 1st month, pay only $5!)

The Talented and Gifted app is an educational app created for children aged 2-8 in close collaboration with experts in early childhood development and education. Our product is appealing and easy to grasp both for parents and children while retaining a good learn-and-play balance and offering top-class learning materials. More than 4,000 play-and-learn activities are at your disposal in the app, including on-screen and print-out worksheets, animated and teacher-guided videos, interactive quizzes and fun learning games. With Kids Academy, your child follows grade-aligned curricula in Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and other subjects. The teacher-driven approach allows the app to correspond with both  New York State Next Generation Learning Standards (Pre-K) or Common Core State Standards (Grades K—3).

 Check out our  collection of cute nursery rhymes for kids:

Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you won’t miss amazing updates and watch a  zillion educational videos on Science, Math, History, Chess and other learning activities!

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