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Why Reading Aloud is Important for Children

Aug. 16, 2015

It goes without doubt that reading is an important activity. Kindergarten teachers recommend parents to read to their kids saying that it brings a lot of advantages to their development. Have you ever wondered what these benefits are? Let’s take a look together.

Kids who are read to regularly are more likely to enjoy reading later in life and have it as a favorite leisure activity.They also have better and richer vocabulary compared to their peers. The reason is that books contain many words that children may not encounter in spoken language or on television. You will be amazed how fast they absorb new vocabulary and use it in their speech.


The earlier you start reading to your kids, the sooner they start talking. Kids who are introduces to books early are also more likely to start reading faster in school. The foundation for reading ability is based primarily on language exposure resulting from parents and other adults talking to young children.

Reading aloud to kids also puts them into the center of parents’ attention and nurtures family relationships. This time dedicated especially to kids encourages them to form positive associations with reading. And, finally, reading aloud develops children’s imagination, builds their creativity, improves memory, and awakens curiosity. 



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