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Why We Have Flash Cards with Objects and Animals on the ABC Screen

July 13, 2014

Many of you reading this blog might have already seen or used our Cartoon ABC app. But have you wondered why we have flash cards with objects, animals and food instead of flash cards with letters?

Well, we did it on purpose.

Things like a favorite toy car, a Barbie doll, a slice of watermelon or a neighbors’ cat are among the first things kids experience in their lives. And these words would be among the first to pronounce. Letters come later, and they are harder to learn because children cannot touch them, or stroke them, or pull by whiskers.

We also piloted the app in one of the local kindergartens and noticed that kids were reluctant to tap flash cards with letters. Flash cards with images, though, had an immediate appeal! Children were having loads of fun tapping them.

So, these are the reasons behind our choice. We first let kids experience a flash card with an object and then gradually introduce them to letters. We hope that this transaction will be smooth and stress free on the way to learning to read.


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