Fun & Educational ESL Vocabulary Coloring Pages for Kids Aged 3-4: Develop Learning & Coloring Skills

Discover a fun and engaging way for your little ones to learn English with Kids Academy's printable worksheets! Perfect for children aged 3-4, these vocabulary coloring pages combine language learning with creative coloring practice. Designed to enhance both English vocabulary and fine motor skills, each sheet provides enjoyable activities that are both educational and entertaining. Let your children explore a colorful world of words, and watch them develop essential learning skills while having fun. Visit Kids Academy to access these delightful resources and support your child’s early language acquisition journey.

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Long and Short I Worksheet
Long and Short I Worksheet

Long and Short I Worksheet

Print the worksheet and have the students read "pig" and "fire". Check for understanding the difference between long and short vowels. Color in words and pictures to make learning phonics fun! This exercise is perfect for introducing the topic to your students.
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Long and Short I Worksheet