Hot Air Balloon Math Worksheet

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Adding 2 digit numbers can get tricky as little learners work to use everything they’ve learned to solve large addition problems. Build your child’s confidence and skills using this free 2 digit addition worksheet, designed to offer your child a quick, but meaningful math practice!
Here’s what makes this worksheet great:
• In only a few minutes, your child will practice important addition skills without becoming tired or frustrated
• It uses an engaging theme and vibrant pictures of hot air balloons to draw your child’s interest
Kids learn important skills in short bursts, without ever becoming bored or frustrated. Offer this worksheet for quick and simple addition practice!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to add two-digit numbers with and without regrouping. They should also understand place value and be able to identify the value of each digit in a two-digit number. Additionally, students should have developed math fluency and be able to perform addition at a reasonable pace.