Consonant Blends: "Dr" and "Tr" Printable

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Kids learn phonics best when they can sound out the word. Better yet, this consonant blend Dr and Tr printable worksheet offers your child colorful pictures of the words they should sound out, giving your visual learner another support to learn this tricky skill!
Here’s how this worksheet can help your child: 
• Since it focuses on only two consonant blends, your child can easily sound out the difference
• Your child will practice saying, hearing, and seeing consonant blends in print
It’s best if kids have multiple ways to learn a skill. This worksheet offers your child the chance to learn these challenging consonant blends through multiple senses!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to sound out words and recognize the consonant blends "Dr" and "Tr". They should also be familiar with reading and recognizing the sight of words.