Octopus 8’s Worksheet

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An octopus is a kind of animal which lives in the sea. Can your child identify the octopus in the worksheet? An octopus can also be called an invertebrate, because it belongs to that class of animals. Ask your child if they can tell you some other features of the octopus. They have 8 tentacles. In this printout, your kids will find that they need to use those 8 tentacles to help multiply the 8’s. Ask them to circle the equations that have the correct products.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to identify the octopus in the image and be familiar with the fact that it has 8 tentacles. They should also have a basic understanding of multiplication to solve the equations that require them to use the 8 tentacles of the octopus to come up with the correct products.