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Olga Kitina

Special Education Teacher and Speech Therapist.

Germany, Ratingen.

Olga Kitina was born on 05/10/1960 in Minsk, Belarus. She graduated from the State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Defectology in 1984. She obtained her diploma with honors and a qualification of a teacher and speech therapist for auxiliary schools and a specialist in oligophrenia pedagogics for preschool institutions. 

She began her professional career in 1985 as a special education teacher and speech therapist for a class for children with mental retardation at a primary school. From 1993 she worked as a speech therapist in a children's clinic and had her own practice in a number of private speech therapy centers. 

Throughout her professional career, she was engaged in scientific work. She has publications in "Defectology", the flagship journal of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. 

Since 2002 she has been living in Germany, where she continues her medical and pedagogical activity. She has the certificate of validation for her Belarusian university degree. She ran training for parents at a family education center and worked for a private speech therapy clinic. 

At present she works in the field of general and speech development of primary school children in a center of additional out-of-school education.  

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Certificate of validation for the diploma:

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