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8 Things to Avoid in Reading Aloud

Aug. 23, 2015

This blog post is going to be all negative. Not because we are so boring, but just because we are writing about the things to avoid during reading aloud. There are only 8 points, so let us start…

  • Avoid reading aloud the stories you don’t enjoy yourself.
  • Don’t continue to read a book if your kids do not like it. 
  • Teachers, do not feel you have to limit the broad spectrum of literature to the narrow borders of the curriculum. 
  • Avoid books abundant in dialogues – they are difficult for listeners.
  • Don’t start reading if you do not have enough time for it. Reading 2 or 3 pages will just frustrate listeners. 
  • Don’t get irritated by interrupting questions from kids, instead satisfy their curiosity.
  • Don't impose interpretations of a story upon your audience. A story can be just plain enjoyable.
  • Don't use the book as a threat--"If you don't clean your teeth, no story tonight!" When you turn the book into a weapon, kids change their attitude about books to negative. Instead, make a bedtime story a reward! “Clean your teeth, and we’ll start reading a new story!” 

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