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Announcing New Worksheet Features: Difficulty Levels and Answer Keys

Nov. 2, 2022

Here at Kids Academy, we’re always looking for exciting new ways to offer families and teachers the most innovative and effective learning tools possible! While other sites may offer printable online worksheets, Kids Academy has worked hard over the years to evolve our resources into AI-driven, interactive worksheets that cover a multitude of topics and spanning all the subject areas taught in preschool and elementary school, including math, English, science and social studies. For early learners ages 2-10, our learning worksheets are created by expert educators based on the official learning standards and are fitted with vibrant graphics and professional voiceover.

That said, we also know that our work as educators and developers is never truly finished. We’re constantly looking to improve our site and learning materials to make your user experience smoother while fully enriching your child’s education. That’s why we’re proud to announce two new worksheet features that will benefit both you and your kids!

So, what’s new?

1. Difficulty Levels for Differentiation

On the Kids Academy website, there are already multiple ways to find relevant worksheets. For instance, users can find worksheets that are categorized by grade level, as well as well as by subject, and bundled into lessons.

But as we know, worksheets are not all equally challenging. Some are easier, while others are more difficult, depending on a variety of factors. And while one kid may become easily frustrated when presented with too much of a challenge, another may crave a more difficult task to keep him or her engaged. Therefore, differentiation is crucial to every learner’s academic success.

To account for a child’s individual needs, we’ve added a new way for parents and teachers to filter worksheets to select the resources best for their students. Now, in addition to choosing grade level and subject area, users can pick a difficulty level that sorts worksheets into an “easy”, “normal” or “extra challenge” category and helps one find the most appropriate exercise for specific learners.


2. Answer Keys and Success Statistics

While our AI technology does an amazing job scoring a child’s responses, we realize that adults may want to preview the answers on any given worksheet ahead of time to understand what is expected of the learner. This assists with the lesson planning process and ensures that kids are offered the worksheets that are best suited for them.

Another new feature we’re excited about includes the ability to view answers by clicking on the “Show Answers” button, now available alongside our worksheets. We’re certain that this option will enable families and teachers to plan more effectively to provide their students with the very best learning experience. 


When we shop for products in our daily lives, we often look at consumer reviews, which include star ratings that give shoppers a sense of how well-liked or successful that product has been for others. Likewise in the education world, teachers often review data that shows statistics regarding class averages on a specific assignment to show how successful students were.

Similarly, Kids Academy now includes success statistics that show users a chart of completion success rates by other users. This can help a caregiver determine if a worksheet is likely to be a good fit for their learner. Simply find it by clicking on the “Show Answers” button next the worksheet you’re working on.


Kids Academy will never stop working to bring you the most cutting-edge features in the pursuit of supporting your early learner’s education. Check out our new features by visiting us at and exploring all the easy worksheets we have to offer!

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