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What’s New on the Blog This Week - Part 1

Sept. 3, 2021

Here at Kids Academy, we don't want you to miss anything. This time our weekly digest is so huge, that we publish it in 2 parts! It will give you an all-inclusive glimpse on the latest news and updates of all our educational resources. The past week has been quite laboring but fruitful and we are all exhilarated to guide you straight to our freshest publications. 

Kick Off the New School Year Right

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed education forever. And with such changes come extraordinary and unusual challenges both teachers and parents face in the new school year. Preparation is the key to help your child adjust constructively in these transitions. Investing in a planner and educating your child on proper health precautions are just two of the many hints that we have in store for you in starting a new school year safely and successfully.

Make the Most of our New Lessons Section

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just recently launched our Lessons Section from our Learning Resources library. Our Lessons are ready-to-use activities to empower busy and career driven parents in supporting their children’s academic furtherance on the go. Lessons are integrated with a spectrum of various exercises that focus on certain topics. Our learning worksheets are user-friendly so that your child can work on them with minimum or even zero supervision. Jump into our Learning Resources tab and use appropriate filters to land on the Lessons you need for your child.


 Bookworms All!

Are you a little lost in finding the right book for your child? Don’t fret, we got you covered! We came up with a list of interesting suggestions by grade level to get your child hooked on reading. To boot, we can help you gear up on your child’s reading venture through our reading exercises. Read on and enjoy your journey into finding your child’s next favorite book!

 Personalized Learning for Learning Gaps

More than a year into the pandemic and the negative implications of Covid-19 in education couldn’t be more evocative. Whether we like it or not, impaired academic mobility has emanated learning gaps on children. However, we strongly discourage parents from getting all flustered with the predicament. Here at Kids Academy, we have devised a system of personalized learning strategies to effectively close your child’s learning gaps.

 Dealing with Your Child’s Tantrums

Are you running out of patience in dealing with your child’s tantrums? Don’t worry. A behavioral therapist has shared her professional view on a child’s uncontrolled outburst of emotions. Dealing with the problem is also about knowing and understanding what tantrums are all about. You’ll be both surprised and amazed to know why your child has been throwing tantrums and how to effectively deal with it for good!

 Important Social Skills Your Child Could be Missing Out

Social skills are important in preparing your child towards achieving a healthy relationship and interaction with the people around them. Your child could be a little short of social skills and it could be that you just haven’t been paying enough attention to it. Developing social skills offer a plethora of long-term advantages and benefits. Here’s a list of social skills your child must have and the things you can do to help him / her develop those fundamentals.

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