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Lessons. A New Form of Educational Materials for Parents' Convenience

Aug. 3, 2021

Here is important information for those parents who are looking for educational materials on our website: we have updated our Learning Resources library not so long ago and added the Lessons section to make your busy life as a parent easier and more convenient for you. Now there is no need to think about which worksheets or videos you should give your child to go through, or how to compile isolated educational activities into one topic. Everything is ready for young students to get right into learning a topic of your choice with a single click of the mouse! 

 So what are our lessons?  It is a series of activities that you can pass through together with your child. Otherwise, you can hand them out to your child on the tablet so that they have a go at passing the exercises on their own. A lesson usually includes different types of activities all relating to a particular topic.

What are they for?  You may use our free lessons for any purpose: to boost your child’s performance in some topics, to practice math, reading, science, etc., to repeat the topics the kid learns in school, to nail down homework, or to enrich the classroom tasks. You may also use them for individual studying or tutoring.

lesson preview

Where to Find Kids Academy Lessons?

You can find them on our website.  Click on Learning Resources, and scroll down to the Lessons section in the drop-down menu. It is a standard catalog of activities as we know it. Here you may choose the necessary grades and subjects to find the topic of interest. After that, you get the list of lessons that corresponds to the chosen filters.


lessons section

What Do They Look Like and How Do They Work?

 When you open the lesson, you see the list of activities it contains. Generally, there are 2-3 activities in the lesson, but the number may vary, depending on thе theme of study. Activities are represented in the form of the regular worksheets, interactive worksheets which we have recently introduced on our website (check it out in our recently published article), and educational videos.

check worksheet 2

You can either download the worksheet in .pdf format on your device as usual or complete it online on our website interactively. You may also add it to Favorites or mark it as Accomplished. As for videos in Lessons, you can only watch them on the website for now.

lessons accompl

What's Next?

We don't plan to stop at the top and we strive to move further in our dedication to user-friendliness and accessibility of online educational resources. We are glad to present the roadmap for Kids Academy for the near future:

 First, we would like to implement games and quizzes on the website so that our young learners can enjoy them without using the app. Currently, games and quizzes are available only via subscription in the Talented and Gifted app.

Second, we want to allow you to form a playlist of activities. It means that you will be able to seтв the chosen activities to the child's device or open it on your own tablet or the iPad for the kid to play.

Third, we are considering creating progress reports for parents so that you can understand clearly which activities your kid has made short work of and which ones caused difficulties (if any).

Also, we are aimed at creating extra gaming activities to enrich our "learn-through-play" concept.

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