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Bedtime Storytelling Made Easy

Aug. 2, 2015

Did you know that the time when we, parents, read to our kids before they go to bed is a wonderful way to bond with them? Sometimes, busy with reading we fail to notice the effect the story makes on our children. The appearance of smart devices has changed this trend. They feature special reading modes to make story time a real head-over-heels experience for us and for our kids.

A Read By Myself mode speaks for itself. It lets us read the story ourselves and gives us more space to communicate with children. Using this reading mode we can stay on each page or scene as long as we want. This mode is good to use when we want to ask our kids questions about the plot or the characters. We can also control how much interactivity to bring to the story time, whether to go on reading the book or to take a break.


Whenever tired, we can turn on a Read To Me mode, which has the narrator read the story for us, and simply enjoy the story with our kids.



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