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Congratulations to Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Jan. 2, 2017

The time for our Christmas Giveaway is up, results are in, and we’re delighted to announce our lucky winners. And yet before we stick to our winners’ list, we want to thank everyone who joined. We’ve had a great year passed, and we'll do our best to make the new season greater for you than this one!  

(drumroll) MEET OUR WINNERS:

1. Teresita Cruz

2. Meshelle Mina 


3. Winifred G Groux 

4. Chris Hayes 

5. Christine Hupalo 

6. Chelsey Winchester 

7. Preeyaphan Arunakul  

8. Miguel Andrei Platon 

9. Laura Taylor 

10. Veramae Orbe Soliva 

11. Cindy Almonte 

12. Pallavi Chube

13. Debby Tu 

14. Michael Larkin

15. Mahendra Acharya

16. Jackeline Castaneda 

17. Monica Marquez 

18. Jessy Mattfield 

19. Lisa Suzuki 

20. Linda Baker 

21. Lauren Doolittle 

22. Steven Cargle 

23. Carrie Girvan

24. Alma Rodriguez 

25. Alana Hartford 

26. Jolina Wong 

27. Jessica Lonzo 

28. Cherie Nakamura 

29. Irma Gonsales 

30. Joy Ritz 

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