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What’s New on the Blog This Week - May 10

May 10, 2021

weekly digest

This week, Kids Academy has been hard at work to deliver you fresh and fascinating articles and to keep you updated about all the latest news in learning and teaching! Check out all the great content we have on tap for you this week.

Educational Articles

If you’re like the many parents who have kids with ADHD, read about how “brain training” can help children cope with their condition and better focus their attention to learn more effectively. Then, check out an article that takes a deep dive into reading fluency to explore its role in children who are learning to read, and how to help struggling readers take their literacy skills to the next level.


Cultural Insights

Did you know that the Kids Academy app is available for kids and their families across the globe? Read this article to hear unique insights with one Korean family’s experience with the app. In addition, learn more about the Korean culture, as well as how kids learn in different countries! 


If you haven’t already seen the news about our app, check out the announcement about the exciting changes to all ELA courses in the Kids Academy app! Discover the new curriculum and what’s included by reading this article! 

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