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How Colors Influence Mind and Body: Warm Colors

July 19, 2015

There’s more to color than meets the eye… Different colors have different influence on our mind and body. Colors produce even a greater effect on children because they tend to be more sensitive and susceptible to external influence than adults.  While some colors may agitate kids, others have a calming influence. In this post we are going to take a look at how colors influence kids and which colors to choose for kids’ bedrooms in order to achieve a certain state of mind and body.

red color

In general, warm colors make children feel happy and comfortable. Used in moderation, they create a cozy homey atmosphere. The excessive amount of warm colors may, however, overexcite kids.

Red energizes the body, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. The color may also cause agitation and aggression. In a red-colored room kids can hardly concentrate on a task, which in the long run may lead to a lower academic performance. 

Pink is the color of femininity. It might even become your daughters’ favorite color, but… only for a short period of time. Living constantly in a pink environment may later cause a feeling of satiation, as if you had too much dessert.   


Orange has a sunny nature, it inspires interpersonal communication and puts people at ease. It suits best for kids who haven’t yet become teens. Too much orange can also be over-stimulating, so use it wisely.

Yellow color is very close to its influence to orange. It motivates and elicits positive emotions. Pale yellows encourage concentration and improve memory. Bright yellows, however, have a completely different effect. They may make you angry and gloomy.  

Check out some home design ideas with the colors we described in the post on our Pinterest board.  

Our Friday blog post is going to be dedicated to cool colors. Stay tuned!

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