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Learning at Home with Kids Academy: 1st Grade Fractions and Long Vowel Sounds

Oct. 28, 2021

Math Made Simple

In math, kids often struggle learning about fractions because it’s a concept that must be presented visually to children who are concrete thinkers and are unable to understand the concept of anything less than whole numbers. Kids Academy has a fix for that!


In this video, we show how parents can present this tricky concept to kids by working with an interactive worksheet that portrays fractions using colorful shapes. Based on the video, you can see that our app can help your child:

  • Distinguish between equal and unequal parts
  • Make a connection between fractions and easily recognizable shapes

As a parent, the process is simple; just prompt your child to examine all the shapes and the lines that divide them to find those that show equal parts. In addition, completing the worksheet in the app allows for instant feedback to let your child know if he/she was successful. Even without the app, access the same worksheet here to print or work on it online.

fraction practice


Let's complete this worksheet online! 


Mastering Phonics with Ease

 For ELA, some children find phonics challenging, especially as kids are increasingly encouraged to guess at words using pictures provided in books. To teach your child to sound out words, phonics skills, such as understanding long and short vowel sounds can go a long way in supporting their decoding skills.


lets check long vowels


Complete this worksheet online!


In the same video linked above, watch as the little girl practices long vowel sounds as she works through this worksheet together with her mom. The child does most of the work saying and identifying the long vowels while mom monitors her progress. This practice goes beyond simply reading information and allows for kids to try out their skills and apply their knowledge as they work through the activity.

Kids Academy has developed both our app and worksheets to allow children to practice important concepts both individually and together with a parent. Use the app for instant feedback and print out worksheets to give children a more hands-on approach. No matter how you use our resources, children will work to master both math and ELA every step of the way!

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