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The Story of The Little Red Riding Hood

Aug. 2, 2018

   Once there was a sweet little girl. She was very pretty, and everyone loved her. She lived with her mother. Her mother gave her a lot of presents all the time. Once she made a little red riding hood from a piece of velvet. It was a very pretty hood and the little girl looked very pretty when she wore it. She loved the hood so much that she wore it all the time and did not wear anything else. As she always wore the red riding hood she was given the name of Little Red Riding Hood. 

   One day her mother baked some cakes for her mother. She gave the cakes to Little Red Riding Hood and asked her to deliver them to her grandmother’s. Her grandmother lived on the other side of the forest in another village. Her mother advised the Little Red Riding Hood to go on the straight path and do not wander in the forest as it was very dangerous to go in there alone.


   Little Red Riding Hood took the cakes and started her journey to her grandmother’s house. While she was on her way and was passing through the woods, a wolf saw her. The wolf’s mouth filled with water and he wanted to eat her immediately. However, he was afraid of the woodcutters working nearby. Little Red Riding Hood was unaware of his wickedness and how dangerous he was. She was not all afraid of him. The wolf came up with a very cunning plan to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

   He greeted Little Red Riding Hood and asked her where she was going. Little Red Riding Hood was very sweet, and she told him that he was going to her grandmother’s house who lived on the other side of the forest. The wolf was very cunning. He knew the shortcut way to the grandmother’s house. As soon as he knew that Little Red Riding Hood was going to her grandmother’s house, he ran as fast as he could to reach there before the little girl. Little Red Riding Hood, however, continued on her normal path. 


   As she was passing through the woods she saw some beautiful and very colorful flowers on the ground. She wanted to make her grandmother very happy, so she decided to make a bouquet of the flowers for her. She thought that her grandmother would feel very happy after seeing the flowers. She started picking flowers, however as she kept on picking up the flowers she kept on going further and further into the woods. She did not realize that she was going deep into the forest and it was very dangerous. 

   This gave the wolf even more time to reach the grandmother’s house before her. When the wolf reached the house, he knocked on the door. The grandmother was old and seemed sick. She couldn’t come to the door, so she asked from inside who was at the door. The clever wolf replied in Little Red Riding Hood voice that it was her grandchild, Little Red Riding Hood. The grandmother could not sense that it was someone else, she told him to come in as the door was not locked. 

   The wolf immediately entered the house and went straight to the grandmother’s bed and ate her up. Then he carried out the next part of his plan as he still wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood. He took the grandmother’s clothes, wore her cap and laid down in her bed. He also dropped the curtains so that Little Red Riding Hood does not recognize him. 

   After some time, Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother’s house and knocked at the door. The wolf now used her grandmother’s voice to ask who was on the door. The sweet little girl replied that it was her and that she had brought the cakes and butter that her mother had made for her in the morning. The wolf very cleverly said to Little Red Riding Hood that the door was open, and she could come in. The little girl went in the house, not knowing the danger that laid ahead of her.

   When she entered the grandmother’s room she saw that her grandmother was lying in her bed with her face covered by a cap. She looked very strange to her. 

She said to her, ’Oh grandmother, you have such big ears.’

The wolf replied, ‘They make it easier to hear your voice’.

She said to her, ’Oh grandmother, you have such big eyes.’

 The wolf replied, ‘They make it easier to see your face’.

She said to her, ’Oh grandmother, you have such big hands.’

The wolf replied, ‘They make it easier to grab you!’.

It was now that the wolf revealed his true self to Little Red Riding Hood.

The little girl was shocked and screamed ’Oh grandmother, you have such a big mouth.’

And the wolf replied, ‘It makes it easier to eat you’.

   As soon as he said that, he came out of the bed and jumped on Little Red Riding Hood and ate her up. He now felt full and started to feel sleepy. He decided to take a nap there in the bed, so he crawled back into the bed and fell to sleep. He started to snore very loudly. 

   Luckily a huntsman was passing nearby. He felt such loud snoring and found it very strange for an old woman to snore so badly. He went inside to take a look and saw the wolf lying in the bed. The Huntsman was very wise. He thought that even though he has eaten up the old grandmother, she can still be saved. So, he decided to cut open the wolf’s belly instead of shooting him. When he cut him open the little girl came out and she started to cry. It was very frightening for her to be in a dark belly of the wolf. The huntsman cut further, and the grandmother also came out alive.

   All of them were now very happy. The grandmother ate the cake and Little Red Riding Hood promised to never go to the forest again.

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