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Thanksgiving Activities with Kids Academy

Nov. 22, 2022

Thanksgiving is a special day to express gratitude for different things we have in life — both material and not. Children eagerly enjoy this precious holiday when families get together, prepare a hearty meal and cherish their traditions by telling each other stories of the old days or go out to watch a festive parade.

Sit down with your kids and think together what people help them every day, then talk about the ways they can show their gratitude. It is also a good time to share with those in need and donate to a food shelter or charity. In this way, little ones learn the importance of being thankful for what they have and what they get, and of helping others.

Meanwhile, here at Kids Academy we've prepared for you a collection of educational activities that are dedicated to the essential concepts of Thanksgiving and recap its main attributes. Our worksheets and animation will be a great way to engage kids in holiday activities while you're busy with cooking!

Thanksgiving Activities

Build up the holiday spirit by completing a themed word search and identifying the traditional meals of the day. These worksheets will enrich your student's vocabulary, sharpen their letter and word recognition skills and strengthen their associative thinking. The worksheets are interactive and we're sure kids will have a lot of fun completing them online. However, if you prefer a printed version, make a click —  and there you go!

thanksgiving worksheet


Complete this worksheet online!

thanksg word search worksheet

Complete this worksheet online!

dinner time worksheetComplete this worksheet online!

  We are grateful to you for staying with us! Here is your gift for Thanksgiving!

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This cheerful turkey with a yummy pie invites your kid to paint it with every color in the palette. Encourage your child’s imagination by inviting them to use the colors often associated with the fall and Thanksgiving. Work with your young artist as a team and select the shades that display the warmth and domestic bliss of the season. Install the app or print this sheet out for your little one to color.

  Thanksgiving turkey worksheet

Math Activities

A little learning and refreshment of basic math concepts can never do harm! A 1st or 2nd grader can be challenged with a couple of cheery Thanksgiving-styled math worksheets and be rewarded with some small gifts for completing them. These activities focus on graphing, two-digit subtraction and numbers comparison.

Thanksgiving treats worksheets

Complete this worksheet online!

Thanksgiving Subtraction worksheet

Complete this worksheet online!

Comparing Numbers Thanksgiving worksheet

Complete this worksheet online!

Thanksgiving Video

And last but not least, find a short animated video that offers one of the approaches to explaining the origin of Thanksgiving. It introduces the holiday as we know it to the young viewers, and then tells the story of the pilgrims' voyage to the New World and their first documented harvest celebration that later became a premise for the modern Thanksgiving festivities. Use this animation as a starting point for a discussion about the history of the holiday from the perspectives of both settlers and Indigenous Americans.


Want to find more activities on Thanksgiving and other holidays? Try our Talented and Gifted preschool app designed for children ages 2-10! Here you will find plenty of curriculum-based learning tools and materials developed in close partnership with experts in state-of-the-art digital education technologies. Don't think twice and subscribe now to our Talented and Gifted app with a 75% Cyber Week discount! 

Thanksgiving is the time to be spent with your loved ones. We hope our apps will help you create lots of warm and happy family moments!

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