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The Effect of Music on Young Children

Nov. 8, 2015

Children’s love to music is natural. As soon as they hear a catchy tune they start moving to it following the rhythm. Some may also clap their hands or hum something. Music does influence our children. Let us look at some of the ways it affects kids.

Music can alter your child’s mood. Just remember some personal stories when you started singing a lullaby to put a child to sleep or to calm her down. 


Research has also shown that children who have been regularly exposed to music are more intelligent and emotionally developed than those who haven’t. Having a child listen to different types of music encourages her curiosity and creativity.

Little children tend to be very quick at remembering lyrics. It can be explained by the fact that they learn in a multisensory approach, in which the new information comes to them via several channels, such as an auditory and a kinesthetic ones. You might have noticed that little children are never still when listening to music. Corporal movements to a familiar tune enhance their learning and remembering things. 

Here are just some of the effects of music on kids. We hope that after reading the post, you’ll decide to make music part and parcel of your life. 

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