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Use Big Muscles to Develop Fine Muscles

March 8, 2015

It’s good to remember that we have better muscle memory in our larger muscles and joints, such as the ones in arms and legs. Do you know that we can use them to learn writing letters?

One of the exercises that helps remember how to write letters is to “draw” letters in the air. Big and wide movements will help kids better memorize the order of writing the elements of each letter. First, demonstrate a letter, then do it together with children several times, and finally, let them “draw” an invisible letter themselves.


The next exercise brings kids fun and excitement, so be prepared to loads of giggles. Ask children to use their legs, arms, and the whole body to form the letter you show. They can first do it individually and after this in pairs. It might sound outrageous but you will be surprised with how creative kids are. 

Another way to help a kid memorize handwriting mechanics is to ask him or her to close eyes, take a kid’s hand and to move it as if you write a letter. At the end of your “writing” the kid should guess the letter. Then you can ask your kid to "draw" a letter using your hand. Now it’s your turn to guess the letter. It’s helpful to make mistakes at guessing. By doing this you show that everyone (even Mom and Dad!) can and has a right to make mistakes. And then, it adds some fun to the activity. 

Well, now after having done all these activities, kids are ready to writing on paper! Demonstrate, and they will imitate! Provide them with a model, and then ask them to practice letter writing without the model. Organize a beauty contest and circle the letter on their page that they think they made the best!  

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