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What Makes Us Prefer Book Apps to Printed Books

Oct. 19, 2014

More and more parents nowadays prefer reading books on tablets over reading ordinary books. Book apps seem to substitute paper books with a speed of light. Have you ever wondered why it is so? This post is written to reveal the ‘magic’ features of books for tablets that make them so appealing to us.

One of the most obvious reasons why we prefer getting book apps is that they have a choice of 3 or 4 different reading modes. We can now choose a reading mode to suit our family needs. There normally would be an Autoplay which would do everything for the reader: narrate, demonstrate animation, and even turn the pages. The only thing you would need to do is to sit back and relax. A Bedtime reading mode is the one that dims the light coming from the device to create an ideal environment for a kid to settle. A Read-to-me mode allows you to listen to a story and to control the animation at the same time. Finally, a Read Myself mode is the one for independent readers who enjoy reading on their own.

Another attractive feature of book apps is its interactivity. It is very appealing to young explorers who love tapping things and making them move. Book apps from major publishers boast a variety of interactive features, from just tapping images to using sliding, swiping, and other multi-touch gestures supported by tablets.

A great number of book apps are accessible from one device and there’s no need to buy numerous books. Having just one tablet saves space on shelves and we don’t have to carry along heavy weight.

Another thing one might find useful is the opportunity to personalize a book app for every kid. All we need to do is to create individual profile for a child, and it will look as if they read their personal book.


Although book apps are a great way to create a close bond between parents and children, kids can also use them independently while waiting for their moms and dads to finish chores. If they cannot read they would hardly do the same with a paper book.

It seems like a book app has many more advantages than a normal book, but there are a couple of things an app won’t let you do. A book app, for example, will never let your feel the smell of a newly bought book and hear the sound of turning pages.

It looks like everything depends on a personal choice, and we hope that having read this article you will make yours conscientiously.

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