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Why Is Learning Colors Important?

May 17, 2015

colored hands We are starting a new series of blog posts dedicated to learning colors. Do we need our kids to know colors at all? What for? 

Well, colors, being all around us, serve as a basis for distinguishing different objects. In order to tell the difference between some things, we use various features, such as the color of the objects, their shape, taste, smell, and the way they feel when we touch them. When all characteristics of the objects are similar or identical, color serves as the only one to distinguish them. 


Because color helps people identify objects, color words are important to know. Color words are easy to learn even for young kids, and this is a skill they are expected to have when they start pre-school. 

Learning colors is by no means boring, stay tuned and you’ll get to know which color activities you can involve your kids in. 

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