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      • Unit 3: Print Awareness
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          • Spaces Between Words
          • Text and Illustrations
        • Picture Books and Poems
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        • Signs and Labels in the Community
      • Unit 4: Reading Literature
        • Questions About Stories
        • Discussing Stories
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Letter K

As your child's primary caregiver, you are the most equipped to prepare them for their future education in school. Teaching your child the alphabet at home is a good way to prepare them. Finding the right balance between education and fun is key in helping your child learn efficiently. Thus, it is important to incorporate activities that stimulate your child’s brain and learning center. If you have reached the letter K on your journey in teaching your child the alphabet, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explore some activities you can offer your child while learning the letter K. 

You can also use this Kids Academy Letter K video to introduce your child to the intricacies of the letter in a brief and captivating manner.


  • Letter K Coloring Sheet: This letter K coloring sheet is one of the many great resources our Kids Academy website offers parents to help them teach their preschoolers the alphabet. It helps your child learn the shape and sound of the letter K through coloring, where the first exercise exposes the child to the shape of the letter, and the second exposes them to the sound it makes by providing words that start with the letter K, ‘kite’ and ‘king’, and their respective images for your child to color in.

  • Letter K Tracing Page: This worksheet is another example of the resources our website offers. Practicing their tracing skills is a great way for your child to develop their fine motor skills, in addition to learning new letters. In this case, your child will be able to learn how to trace the letter K, and learn words that start with that letter such as ‘kettle’ and ‘kangaroo’.


The next three activities focus mainly on exposure to the shape of the letter in addition to associating it with words that start with the letter to create a relation between shape and sound.

  • King K: On a piece of paper, draw or print out the letter K. On a separate piece of paper, draw the shape of a crown and have your child decorate it with plastic craft jewels or sequins. Then, cut the crown and have your child glue it onto the letter K to make it the king.
  • Kite Cutout: For this activity, you’ll need to draw or print a kite on a piece of paper. From a separate piece of paper or cardboard, cut out the shape of the letter K. Now have your child glue the letter K to look like the bows on the string of the kite.
  • Key Prints: To complete this activity, all you’ll need is a big letter K on a piece of cardboard, a key and some paint. Let your child make a mess by dipping the key into some paint and stamping it all over the letter K.

You can implement one of the above activities everyday for a week and your preschooler will be good to go concerning the letter K.