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        • Signs and Labels in the Community
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Letter L

You’re teaching your preschooler the alphabet, and have now reached the letter L? This article is for you! Here, we will be suggesting some tips and activities to help you introduce the letter L to your child using a fun and pressure-free approach.

To promote learning, it is important to provide your child with the right environment. One way to ensure that is by dedicating a space at home for all productive tasks such as learning and exploration. This will help your child associate the space with productivity, in comparison to other spaces such as where they eat. In that productive space, make sure you have the important learning material within your child’s line of sight. For example, having a whiteboard with the “Letter(s) of the Week” written on it would help create a photographic memory of the shape of the letter in your child’s mind.

You can start your lesson off with this Kids Academy Letter L Video explaining everything your child needs to know about this letter.

Other ways to help your child throughout the learning process is to set up some activities for each letter to reduce stress around study time and give it a fun vibe. In this article, we have gathered some activities for the letter L to add them to the week’s study plan.


  • Letter L Coloring Sheet: Worksheets are great additions to study plans. They offer the child a fun activity while still using study tools such as papers and pencils. This coloring worksheet from Kids Academy will help your child harness their fine motor skills while unleashing their creativity. In this sheet, your child will color a capital letter L, in addition to images of two words that start with the letter L, ‘lion’ and ‘lemon’.

    l1 cut
  • Letter L Tracing Page: Another worksheet from Kids Academy is this tracing page, where your child will trace the letter L in both uppercase and lowercase forms in the first exercise. In the second exercise, your child will also trace the letter L in both its forms but in association with the words ‘lobster’ and ‘lighthouse’. This worksheet helps your child learn the shape of the letter through tracing, in addition to its sound as heard in the words provided.

    l2 cut
  • L is for Ladybug: In this activity, your child will learn how to make the shape of a ladybug out of the letter L. First, you’ll draw a bubble letter L on a piece of paper or construction paper. Then, you’ll need a big, red circle cut out of construction paper, cut in half, and 6 small black dots. Have your kid glue the half circles on the letter L in the shape of ladybug wings. Then glue the black dots on the wings. Add some googly eyes on top and you’ve got a Ladybug!
  • Leaf Tracing: For this activity, you’ll need to collect some leaves to trace them over the letter L. This activity also focuses on the shape and sound of the letter. Using words that start with the letter your child is studying is important to put the letter in context. Collecting the leaves itself could also be a fun and beneficial activity for learning the letter.
  • Find the Ls: Fill a sensory bin with sand or craft pebbles and hide some images of objects in them, making sure at least half of the items start with the letter L (Leaf, lemon, lettuce, lighthouse, lamp, ladle, etc.). Have your child search for the images and name each object, trying to find the ones that start with letter L.

Offering your child one of these activities every day for one week can be enough to properly introduce them to the letter L. For more educational material like the worksheets and video provided in this article, check out our Kids Academy website.