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Letter N

It’s time to teach your preschooler the letter N. This new letter can either be tricky or familiar since it is very similar to the letter preceding it, M. It can be helpful to write or print out both letters and discuss with your child the differences and similarities you notice between the two. By doing this exercise, you are letting your child learn the features of this new letter they’re being introduced to, as well as get acquainted to its shape visually, and its name through talking about it. To further their learning process, you can provide your child with activities they can do daily or as frequent as you deem fit. In this article, we will recommend 5 activities you can implement with ease throughout the week.

Before you delve right into the activities, it would be of great benefit to watch this Kids Academy Letter N Video together with your child. In addition to its fun and colorful visuals, it is a great source of information surrounding the letter N, its name, shape, and sound.

Now let’s proceed to the activities!


  • Letter N Coloring Sheet: a great way to start your child’s week is by giving them this easy coloring worksheet from Kids Academy. Children love coloring because it’s a space where they can express themselves freely. Here, your kid would be coloring while also learning about the letter M and some of the words that start with that letter such as ‘nose’ and ‘net’. Thus, they will be learning the shape of the letter N while coloring it, and will associate the images of the words that use it with its sound.

  • Letter N Tracing Sheet: Tracing is another exercise you could provide your child with to improve their fine motor skills. This activity is not as free as the previous one, but it does also help children practice their patience and control. In the first exercise of this tracing worksheet, your child will learn how to trace the letter N in both uppercase and lowercase, then on the second exercise they’ll trace the same letter but within words, helping put a sound to the shape they’re tracing. For example, in the sheet, they’ll be tracing the letter N in the word ‘needle’, thus learning how the letter sounds through identifying the object.

  • N is for Newspaper: In this activity, help your child cut newspaper clippings, and then on construction paper, let your child glue them together in the shape of the letter N. You can choose to do it only in uppercase, or add lowercase as well. Similarly to the previous activities, this one helps them learn the shape of the letter as well as its sound by associating it to the word ‘newspaper’.
  • Nest Building: This activity is especially special because it requires your child to go outdoors, which is always great for enhancing the learning process. You can ask your child to find some sticks, or you can go together. With the sticks, you can either make a regular nest or intertwine them together while making the letter N with them to add learning the shape of the letter to the activity.
  • Night Sky Bottle: Prepare some material for your child to make a night sky in a bottle. This activity is designed to associate the letter N to Night sky, thus relating the letter to its sound. The ingredients you’ll need for this craft are: plastic bottle, hair gel, glitter glue, glow in the dark paint, super glue, and glow in the dark stars. First, have your child add a little glitter glue and glow in the dark paint to the bottle, then fill the bottle almost to the top with hair gel. Next, they’ll add the glow in the dark stars to the bottle and finally, seal the cap with super glue. And they’re done! These bottles are great to put on kids’ nightstands.

Add these activities to your child’s lesson plan to help them learn the letter N in a fun and easy way. You can also visit the Kids Academy website to find more fun educational material to help you teach your child other lessons and subjects.