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Letter F

If you’re planning on teaching your child the letter F next, then this is the article for you. The letter F can be especially tricky for children because it directly follows the letter E, a letter it very closely resembles in shape. To help your child correctly identify each of the two letters, engage them in fun activities that reinforce the shape and sound of each of the two letters, without adding too much pressure. In this article, we’ll provide you with some fun yet educational activities to guide you through the process of teaching your child the letter F.


Below, you’ll find a list of a few activities you can plan for your child throughout the week to help them learn the letter F seamlessly. Before delving into the hard work, make use of this brief yet all-inclusive Letter F video from the Kids Academy website.

Also, it is very beneficial to start a conversation about the letter with your child. For example, you can ask them what other animals they know that start with this letter, or you can ask what they think the letter resembles. The longer you talk about the letter and expose them to things related to it, the longer they will retain it. Now, on with the activities!

  • Letter F Coloring Sheet: This coloring sheet from the Kids Academy website will make a great addition to the Letter F lesson. It features a big bubble letter F for your child to color in, in addition to an image of a fish and a fan to color as well, to help them identify the sound of the letter in addition to its shape.

  • Letter F Tracing Page: This worksheet teaches your child the shape of the letter F in both its capital and lowercase forms by guiding them through a tracing activity. Similarly to the previous worksheet, it provides your child with images and words that start with the letter F to help them learn the sound of the letter.

  • Fish or Elephant: To help your child practice the difference between the letter E and F, print or cut out the shape of an Elephant and that of a Fish, then write capital Es and Fs on sticky notes and let your child decide where to place each one.
  • Fox Cut-out: For this activity, cut out the letter F from orange cardboard, in addition to two triangles for ears, and a fluffy tail. Let your child glue the ears and tail to the letter F to make the shape of a fox. You can also draw a nose and eyes or add googly eyes.
  • Fish the Fs: In this activity, your child will fish for the letter F. You’ll need papers, paper clips, a bowl, a magnet, a string and a rod. Draw a few bubble letter Fs and some other previously taught letters on a paper and then cut them and attach a paper clip to each one and put them in a bowl, your child can help you with this process. Then, tie a string around the magnet and then tie it to a rod to create a fishing pole. Now your child can use the fishing pole to catch the Fs from the bowl. This activity is a fan favorite!