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Letter P

Planning on teaching your child the letter P, and you need some help? Well, look no further. In this article, we will be recommending a few activities to do with your child that will make learning the letter P a Piece of Pie! It's now time to put up the letter P on the "Letter of the Week" board in order for your child to get acquainted with the letter. It's always a good idea if you can add some P related words such as printouts with the images of a Panda and a Piano to help your child put the letter in context, and be able to identify the sound the letter makes in a word.

To introduce your child to the letter P smoothly, watch this Kids Academy Letter P Video together. It encompasses all the information your child needs to know about the letter, while using creative and colorful animations to keep them engaged and excited to learn.


  • Letter P Coloring Sheet: You can start your child’s letter P week with a coloring worksheet since it is a light and pressure-free exercise. This sheet from Kids Academy is a great example, as it allows your child to color while learning. It helps them learn the shape of the letter P first through coloring it, then in the second exercise they learn its sound by coloring images that start with the letter P, such as ‘pig’ and ‘panda’.

  • Letter P Tracing Page: This tracing page is also from the Kids Academy website. It makes a great addition to your child’s weekly lesson plan as it helps them learn the letter P through tracing it in its uppercase and lowercase forms in two different exercises. The first exercise consists of tracing the letter P on its own, while the second is tracing it in the context of a full word, in this case ‘pig’ and ‘pumpkin’.

  • Tape Resistant Art: One very creative activity is tape resistant art. On a piece of paper, create the letter P with tape. Then, provide your child with some watercolors, a brush, and a cup of water for them to paint over the paper. In the end, help them remove the tape to reveal the art they created. They will be so proud and happy!
  • P is for Parrot: Another way to engage your child’s creativity in a project is through helping them envision the letter into something else. In this activity, they will turn the letter P into the shape of a parrot. Cut out a big bubble letter P out of red construction paper. Give your child glue, some colorful craft feathers, a googly eye and a yellow triangle made out of construction paper as well. Now let them use their imagination to create a parrot out of the material they have!
  • Paint with Pom Poms: For this activity, you’ll need a printout or drawing of the letter P, some paint, and pom poms. Let your child use the pom poms, dip them in paint and paint over the letter P. Providing your child with objects that start with the letter P helps them learn the sound of the letter better as they use the names of the objects in conversation. For example, in this activity, as you explain what you’ll be doing, you’ll have to use the words paint and pom poms several times, thus repeating the sound /p/.

These activities will help you throughout your journey to teach your child the letter P, as they tackle their listening and speaking skills, as well as their fine motor skills. Now that your child is done learning the letter P, you can move forward with teaching them the letter Q. To find more educational material like the worksheets and video provided in this article, head to our Kids Academy website.