Train Connect Dots Worksheet

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You might not realize it, but a task as seemingly simple as connecting dots, can help children to develop much needed part-to-whole reasoning skills. This process allows kids to take an unfinished picture, and follow the steps to make something whole. In turn, this leads to future development of systems literacy, while also fostering budding number literacy skills, and bolstering confidence in their work. 
Here is an adorable connect the dots printable worksheet that will allow your little engineer to build his or her very own train!
Your child will love creating their train, and in doing so, they will do the following: 
• Practice and recognize numbers;
• Practice counting to connect the dots to the correct numbers;
• Create a beautiful image of a train that they will enjoy.
While working, your child will practice skills that go even deeper than practicing counting and numeracy skills. They will quickly realize that their hard work will transform into something more desirable—a real picture, created by them! By connecting dots, they also produce something that they can be proud of.
This helps kids to: 
• Gain confidence in their work;
• Inspire creativity;
• Understand how following steps can lead to something rewarding.
This connect the dots printable worksheet will no doubt help your child practice many skills to help your blossoming learner “connect the dots” in real life. With so many skills your child can practice, be sure to check out our entire collection of connect the dots worksheets!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students need to recognize and identify the numbers from 1 to 30, count and sequence them in order by connecting the dots, and finally using their fine motor skills to draw the image of a train. They also need to follow the instructions and directions given on the worksheet.