Phonics and Word Recognition: Assessment 1 Learning Worksheet

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Before beginning this worksheet, it is important that you explain to your kids what suffixes and prefixes are. Prefixes are words which are added to the beginning of another word in order to give it a new meaning. Suffixes, on the other hand, are added to the end of a word to change its meaning. Give your kids some popular examples of prefixed words such as ‘unhappy’ and suffixes like ‘forgetful’. Now, read the instructions in this simple worksheet and help your child circle the words where necessary, and check off the boxes where instructed.

Required skills:
To solve this worksheet, students should know what are prefixes and suffixes, and how they can change the meaning of a word, in addition to being able to identify and read words that have these elements in them. They should also be familiar with the process of circling and checking boxes on a worksheet.