Fractions: Pizza Printable

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Fractions can be confusing for school-aged kids. Let’s demystify one of early math’s most difficult concepts with familiar visuals to let kids see fractions in action. This pizza fractions printable will help your little learner understand fractions by seeing them, using one of their favorite foods!  
This worksheet can help your child: 
• Understand fractions using familiar visuals
• Gain a deeper understanding of what fractions are and what they represent 
Kids can’t learn to add or subtract fractions until they understand the concept behind them. Extend their learning by quizzing them the next time you order pizza!

Required skills:
Students should know what fractions are, how they are represented visually, and the concept of whole and partial parts. They should be able to recognize and name parts of a whole, such as halves, quarters, and eighths. They should also be able to identify how many parts make a whole and compare different fractions.