See Your Doctor (Part 1) Printable

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Your child may dread going to the doctor because of scary shots, but does your older child know just how important a doctor is to the community and society at large? Reinforce the helpers in our communities with this see your doctor worksheet, sure to bring a smile to your child’s face when thinking about one of the most common experiences of his or her young life! 
This worksheet will help your learner: 
• Classify different types of doctors 
• Understand more about their community 
Learning about different professions and helpers is also a great way for your little learner to discover potential interests, so let’s get started learning about community helpers!

Required skills:
Students should know about the different types of doctors, their role in society, and the importance of regular check-ups. They should also be able to identify common medical tools and basic human anatomy. By completing this worksheet, students can overcome their fear of visiting the doctor and understand the value of this profession.