The /wh/ Sound Worksheet

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Phonetics sounds can be joined together to make a new sound. When two or more consonants are joined together and form a new sound, they are called a digraph. For example, the wh digraph forms the /wh/ sound. Give your kids some examples of more words that have the /wh/ sound, like ‘whale’, ‘when’, and ‘why’. Now, ask them to name each of the pictures in the worksheet. Help them trace the dotted lines in this tracing sheet to the images that begin in the /wh/ sound, such as the word ‘what’.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know the concept of digraphs, specifically the /wh/ sound. They should also have basic vocabulary knowledge of words that have the /wh/ sound like 'when' and 'why'. Additionally, they should be able to trace dotted lines to connect the words starting with /wh/ sound to their corresponding pictures.