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A Check List for Back to School 2023

July 29, 2023

A new school year is near and now it's time to settle to go back to school! For some kids, it is an exciting time since children are eager to start learning and looking forward to seeing their schoolmates again, while for others it may be a hard time of trial and concerns. Some kids will sometimes need extra help to make the transition back to school smoother and safer. Luckily, there are many strategies on how to make the transition easier, making the back-to-school process run as seamlessly as possible. We have gathered set recommendations on how you and your child can deal with back-to-school preparation in a smooth manner and which aspects are necessary to keep in mind while bracing yourself for the beginning of the school year.

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Before School Starts

Important things to remember is to establish a school routine early and consistently, restrict kid's screen time, communicate with a child about school in a gentle and understanding manner, read books together to ease into the transition weeks before the first day at school and lay in a stock of school supplies. Of course, this is not a whole of a to-do-before-school list, so in order to meet the situation head-on, look up school tips for parents there. Another good idea is to search for educational apps for children to reinforce child's thinking and not to fall behind the school curriculum. For your child to star in the classroom it may be of current importance to explore the collection of educational apps for preschoolers and kindergarteners.


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It is an open secret that practice makes perfect that's why we advise you to go over the learning material before school begins and make sure that your kid spends some of the summertime on the training of basic subjects such as reading, writing, math, etc. By the way, we have also been prepared for a new academic year releasing interactive worksheets that you can pass through together with your kids. One more thing to remember is writing skills that your child can sharpen with the help of updated cursive worksheets from Kids Academy that we reissued for your special benefit.

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To make the learning start easier for young students just talk to your kids about school and how they feel about it. You may find some useful tips and strategies there on how to build a conversation on this controversial topic.

Change a back-to-school routine in the process of discoveries and creativity! For kindergarteners and preschoolers, it is a joy to craft DIY stuff that's why it is probably the most advantageous way of building-up them to their first school year. Follow our guide on craft ideas to succeed in retaining children's attention on preschool activities.

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If your kid needs a special attitude then you can take a look at our article on preparation for school for children with special needs. It will help you to understand the main strategies to make the transition to school smoother and how to be an ally for your kid, not an enemy.

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