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Advantages of Teaching Critical Thinking Skills to Kids

Dec. 13, 2015

Kids start learning things right from the moment they are born. In the first 6 years of their life they absorb a huge amount of information, first - through senses, then - through communicating with others. Hearing about something is one way of learning.

As we know, so many people – so many opinions. Each person your child talks to would tend to share their own thoughts and ideas. Considering that kids absorb everything like a sponge, they may learn from someone else’s experience. That experience might be true for that person and absolutely irrelevant or unnecessary for our children.


What is it that we can do to prevent kids from being influenced or brainwashed by other people? We can teach them critical thinking! Critical thinking is figuring out things and ideas through reason and observation. This is another way of thinking and discovering the world. This way is called logic. 

Research shows that critical thinking may make kids smarter and more creative. No wonder, kids learn to reason, categorize, and analyze things. Such abilities may help as well in solving everyday tasks, think independently of others and come to personal conclusions. Sounds like a great toolkit for life!

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