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Christmas Online Activities for Kids

Dec. 16, 2021

Christmas and other winter holidays are a fussy time for the majority of people. Almost everybody of us finds themselves shopping for presents or food, decorating and cleaning the house, and cooking treats. Also, our favorite holiday movies and cartoons are being broadcasted on TV during the winter break, and Christmas books are being reread to jog one's memory.

While the holiday season is at its height, we suggest some holiday-related learning activities your kids can engage in while you’re busy with the final preparations for the holiday dinner and wrapping up presents. Let's create some Christmas magic together! We have prepared fun-filled exercises for kids of different ages aimed at brushing up some topics they studied in school or at home, and adding to the holiday spirit with help of the cheerful and heartwarming festive characters and themes.

Holiday Videos

These are among the most popular edutainment activities in our blog! Sing along the happy "Jingle Bells" tune filled with holiday light-heartedness and joy, and revisit the classic "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" with an endearing crowd of creatures looking for their presents under the Christmas tree. Sing the Christmas carols together with your little ones wherever you are and get ready for those festive vibes! If you want more fun for your kids, check out kids learning videos.


Coloring Pages

We have no doubt that kids coloring pages will bring lots of fun and stress relief to kids of any age - from 2 to 102. However, this section is in the first place intended for the youngest ones who are at the very beginning of their world exploration journey. Drawing and painting is the best and simplest tool for them to express what they see and imagine, and to share it with their dear ones. Let your child develop their creativity, hand strength and focus while coloring these friendly characters with Kids Academy! 

  snowman worksheet christmas tree worksheet boy girl new year worksheet

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

Pre-K - Grade K Holiday Tasks

The next set of festive activities provides a little skill practice relevant for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The silly reindeers will give them a challenge in matching, the Santa dress-up will check their memory and color recognition, while the Christmas tree decoration task will train a toddler’s sight word recognition and improve their vocabulary. 

count deer worksheet santa claus fashion worksheet holiday matching worksheet

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

Grade 1 Holiday Activities

This batch of first grade worksheets comprehends a mix of topics for first-graders. They’ll practice addition up to ten by finishing the number sentences and using the illustrations to find the right answers. Kids will test their handwriting and fine motors while learning how to write Santa’s name. And those who can already count up to 100 are welcome to help Santa hang the correct stockings on the lines.

count things worksheet santa claus worksheet holiday counting worksheet

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

Grade 2-3 Merry X-mas Exercises

And of course we have some amusing tasks in store for older children, for no one is allowed to get bored during the winter holiday break! Kids Academy characters are here to guide your child through mazes and word problems! In the first worksheet, Santa needs your help to identify the correctly spelled sight words and get to the fireplace chimney. In the second grade worksheet, your third-grader is supposed to perform 2-digit subtraction and identify the number sentences with the specified difference. In the third worksheet, you are asked to help Santa collect data on the size of his presents with the help of a line plot.

sight words worksheet subtraction snowboard worksheet santa line plot worksheet

The Kids Academy team are grateful to you for staying with us, and wish you a beautiful new year filled with peace and gladness! 

We look forward to seeing you again in 2022 and providing you with new exclusive learning resources!

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