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Dos in Reading Aloud (Part 2)

Nov. 16, 2014

Here’s our Friday blog post where we continue talking about reading aloud. We are offering you a new portion of reading aloud tips. 

  • Read books you and your kids like.
  • Pre-read a story yourself before your read it to your kids. By doing so, you can spot the passages your kid won’t be able to handle. Pre-reading also helps to choose appropriate intonation.
  • Prepare your kids to reading before you start: set them in the appropriate mood, let them find a comfortable place to sit or to lie, in other words to accommodate as they want.
  • When you start reading to your child, always say the name of the book and the author.
  • When you start reading a book for the first time, let your children look at the cover and ask them “What do you think the story is going to be about?”.
  • Involve your kids into reading, let them point to the corresponding pictures while you are reading.
  • As you read, ask kids “What is going to happen next?” to keep them focused on the story.
  • From time to time read above the emotional and intellectual level of your children to challenge them.

More practical tips are coming next week. See you then! 

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