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How to Revise Letters at Breakfast

Oct. 5, 2014

So, summer vacations are almost over and there’s little time left before your kids go to school. One of the most common daily routines during the school year is breakfast. Nutritionists advise to have breakfast regularly because it speeds up the metabolism. In addition to getting healthier, your children can also become smarter if you do some educational activities with them. Although kids can benefit a lot from having breakfast, it usually turns to be the sleepiest time of the day. We’ve prepared some fun ideas about how to turn this sleepy meal into a fun and exciting activity and revise alphabet letters at the same time!

The key secret is to use a variety of colorful food ingredients to shape letters.

A is for almonds

B is for bread crumbs

C is for carrots (use round carrot slices to make letter C)


D is for dough (the advantage of the dough is that you can then bake the letters)

E is for eggs (make omelet in the shape of letter E)

F is for fruit (carve letters on oranges, apples, pears, bananas, etc.)

G is for grapes

H is for honey

I is for ice-cream (ice-cream for breakfast – what a blast!)

J is for jam

K is for Kellogg’s (use pieces of cereal to shape alphabet letters)

L is for lemon

M is for muffins

N is for nuts

O is for oranges

P is for pears

R is for raisins

S is for strawberries

T is for toast (choose whatever toppings you like to ‘draw’ letters on it)

V is for vitamins

W is for watermelon

Y is for yogurt

Use this food alphabet to learn letter by letter or mix ingredients to revise some of them. Such a colorful breakfast will be both nutritious and educational.

If you are looking for easy and enjoyable learning opportunities for your child, try our learning apps for kids and tracing worksheets.

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