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Multiplication and Division Rules for Kids

March 29, 2022

Welcome to Kids Academy’s First Math Learning Bundle! This article aims to help you in guiding your kids in learning multiplication and division progressively. It presents lessons in accordance with the complexity of lessons. It strives to produce mathematically-inclined students through presenting them with real-life scenarios, enjoyable activities, and effective 1st grade worksheets. It comprises the following articles which help you introduce to your kids the topic, Multiplication and Division:

  • Multiplying One-Digit Numbers;
  • Multiplying a Two-Digit by a One-Digit Number;
  • Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication;
  • Dividing Numbers;
  • Solving Word Problems Involving Division.

 The first article, Multiplying One-Digit Numbers, is created so that kids would learn the concept of multiplication on a basic level and equip them with foundational knowledge before proceeding with a much higher-level topic. Through this, they would recognize what multiplicand, multiplier, and product are. To give you a review, a multiplicand is the one being multiplied, whereas multiplier is the one which multiplies the multiplicand. The end result of multiplying the multiplicand and the multiplier is termed as product. We start with multiplying one-digit numbers since this would increase the kids’ chance of acquiring the skill needed to proceed with multiplication involving two-digit numbers. Here are some sample activities to support your children’s learning of this topic:

house numbers 1 force of 4s 2

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

The second article, Multiplying a Two-Digit by a One-Digit Number, is tailored to accommodate students who are already exposed to multiplying one-digit numbers and are now ready to take the elevated level of challenge. Two-digit numbers have the place values of ones and tens. These place values dictate which one is to be multiplied first by the one-digit multiplier. Multiplying a two-digit by a one-digit number requires your kids’ attention since the process slightly needs another set of steps. Below are some of the activities that your children can answer to strengthen their learning of concepts taught to them:


mult 3 rainforest 4

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

The third article, Solving Word Problems Involving Multiplication, is constructed to measure your kids’ understanding of multiplication process and how it is being applied in practical life. Word problems contain specific situations which need mathematical processes to be solved. Solving word problems involving multiplication is worthwhile to practice since children would use this process in their everyday living such as buying from a cafeteria or saving up for something. Take a look at some of the learning worksheets that will amplify your children’s learning:

volcano 5 magnet 6

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

The fourth article, Dividing Numbers, is crafted so that the children are introduced to the concept of division. This also lets them familiarize themselves with concepts such as dividend, divisor, and quotient. For a recap, a dividend is the one being divided, and the divisor is the number used to divide the dividend. The result of the process is called quotient. Dividing numbers are useful for your children as you show them the value of sharing and the art of dividing something like their time into specific slots. Here is the glimpse of some activities that would ensure the children’s learning of division:

garden 7 diving 8

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

The fifth article, Solving Word Problems Involving Division, is designed to allow children to use what they have learned in the prior article. Word problems let the children figure out the answers through performing the needed operations. Solving word problems involving division is a great practice that hones the kids’ mathematical skills that can be utilized in many calculations that they would encounter in daily life, from a simple task like dividing the pack of candies so that each will have an equal share to a complex task such as dividing a time period for different activities. Consider these sample activities so your kids get the chance to upskill in terms of solving word problems which require the process of division:

sweet 9 easter 10

Click the worksheets to complete them online!

To wrap it up, this learning bundle is carefully planned to teach your kids with a more natural yet fascinating pace. From being introduced to multiplication and solving problems using it to being taught division and solving problems concerning it, kids are not pressured into delving themselves immediately, rather they go through the processes as they would like, with your unwavering support. With your decision to let your kids immerse in the tasks in this bundle, they are leaning toward a great foundational set of knowledge in multiplication and division. Kids Academy is with you throughout this journey! Happy learning to your kids!

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