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Red Day Scenario

July 5, 2015

With St. Valentine’s Day around the corner teaching color red should be an enjoyable activity. Besides all the red hearts hanging in stores you can add your own activities to introduce this color!

red day

You can start the day with having a red berry smoothie for breakfast – simply add strawberries as the main ingredient. Kids love the red color, so having your kid wear something red shouldn’t be a problem.

On the way to school or another destination you can count together all the red cars. This could be a suitable time to teach your kid about the red color of the traffic lights, which means ‘it’s forbidden to cross the street’. 

At a supermarket you can find a lot of things colored red: strawberries, raspberries, chili peppers, and tomatoes. Apart from natural red colored groceries, you’ll find plenty of those packaged in red.While you’re reading this, your kid might be dragging something red off the shelf and into your trolley! Red is the color that instantly attracts attention.


If you are already getting ready to St Valentine’s day, you can do some red color crafts together with your kids. You can find some ideas on our Pinterest page.

A red fruit tart served for dessert at the end of a meal would be a delicious treat for the whole family. 

With such a variety of red color activities the red day will be hard to forget. Enjoy it!

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