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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts and Crafts: Videos Inside!

Feb. 6, 2023

This Valentine’s Day, entertain your kids while teaching them something fun and educational about the holiday. While the history of the holiday is a long and sometimes inappropriate story for the littlest of learners, there are many facts about it that children can relate with and enjoy.  

Kids Academy has put together two videos that are perfect to share with your children to get them excited for Valentine’s Day. The first focuses on 10 incredibly fun facts about the Valentine’s Day, and the second features 5 thoughtful crafts that kids will be excited to make! 

10 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day 

Did you know that some of the most frequent recipients of Valentine’s Day gifts are teachers? It’s true! While many folks might assume that most gifts are given to spouses or sweethearts, Americans spend billions of dollars each year on St. Valentine’s Day gifts for their kids’ teachers. This day is an enormously popular holiday that has inspired cultural traditions, such as giving small paper cards and chalky, heart-shaped candies to friends.  

Show this video first to wow your children with extraordinary facts about Valentine’s Day! While watching, little viewers will learn fascinating information regarding the cultural traditions that surround the holiday, such as how the heart symbol came to be, and how many roses are grown just to be sold for Valentine’s Day. With a history that goes back hundreds of years, we were able to dig up some of the most fascinating facts about this fun holiday.  

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5 Crafts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

Crafts are a great way to decorate for any occasion, but for Valentine’s Day, they can be made extra special! One iconic tradition that school children have for celebrating this holiday is to give friends, family, classmates, and teachers tiny cards during a classroom party. Each year, parents spend money on cards that can be made more special and meaningful when created by hand.  

 This video offers several ideas for making cards that are both easy and fun to make. In it, your child will learn how to create an adorable “I love you beary much” card that is sure to put a smile on a teacher’s face. Also featured are other cute animal cards, such as a Valentine’s Day bunny craft, and a charming heart-shaped chick. See all the 5 ideas in the video to get your child started on heartfelt cards they can give to friends and teachers this February 14th. 

 Don’t let this Valentine’s Day slip by without extending an opportunity for your little learner to discover more about the holiday and celebrate it to its fullest. Get your kids excited for this love-filled holiday using resources from Kids Academy! 

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